Tourism in the Amazon is something unique, you may already know. To immerse in it and meet its beauty is to discover, at every moment, the magic of nature’s processes.

With over 7 million square kilometers, the Amazon biome encompasses seven Brazilian states (including the Amazon). It’s home to over 1,000 tributary rivers, great biodiversity and a huge reserve of natural resources.

As such a vast and diverse destination, the Amazon is also versatile enough to provide more than one way to discover its charms.

Amazon tourism: what you will find there

In some regions, the Amazon rainforest is influenced by biomes such as the Cerrado and the Pantanal. This allows you to enjoy, in addition to forests, rock fields, meadows, dry forests, igapós, mangroves, islands, white sandy river beaches, waterfalls and rich flora and fauna.

The rivers of the Amazon undoubtedly build the best way to enjoy this journey. But you can still stay in a stilt hotel, fly over the area and even stay overnight in the middle of the jungle.

Here are 3 ways of discovering the Amazon!

1. Aboard a comfortable sailboat

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Following the flow of the rivers, you will see the Anavilhanas Archipelago. It’s a river archipelago with over 400 islands – the largest in the world. During navigation, it is also possible to see the beautiful Meeting of Waters up close and have the chance to visit indigenous and riverside communities.

Strolls through streams, rocky outcrops and sand banks are a great adventure, complemented by forest walks, nocturnal animal focusing, sport fishing, canoeing and rafting.

And you’ll still ride motorized canoes to visit the regal victories, magnificent and giant aquatic plants typical of the region.

2. Sleeping comfortably in the jungle

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Imagine watching the starry sky through your bedroom window, sleeping in the noisy rivers, waking up enjoying the greenery around you and smelling the woods. Is there anything more to the face of the Amazon? Now imagine all this with all the luxury and comfort possible.

Cristalino Lodge is a luxury hotel that seeks to enjoy the best that nature has to offer its visitors – all in a sustainable way.

The site also has guides who are passionate about nature and well prepared to share their knowledge and respect for the Amazon.

3. In a floating inn

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Photo: Eduardo Coelho

Imagine sleeping like a place in the Amazon?

The Uacari floating lodge is located in the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve, in the middle Solimões region. It is the largest forest reserve in Brazil. Itt provides a comfortable immersion experience and also helps preserve the local natural resources, fauna, flora and culture. Pousada Uacari has already been voted the best ecotourism destination on the planet.

It has fourteen forest trails, all in strategic areas to maximize wildlife viewing and some developed by local researchers.

During the flood season, you can also go canoeing around Igapó, spotting different species of primates and other arboreal mammals, such as guaribas, uacaris, capuchin monkeys and sloths.

Mamirauá Lake is located in the heart of the Total Preservation Zone and acts as a nursery for some aquatic species. During the trip to the lake there are chances of encountering the pink dolphin and the pirarucu.