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A brief of the Amazonas state in Brazil

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Amazonas state in Brazil

Full of natural charms and with exotic and diverse cuisine, the Amazonas state in Brazil is the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, the largest rainforest in the world.

A brief of the Amazonas state in Brazil

The largest Brazilian state has 98% of its forest area intact and the exquisite jungle hotels near its capital, Manaus, provide an excellent way to observe local fauna and flora.

Known as the Paris of the Tropics, Manaus is the main metropolis of the state and has attractions such as the Teatro Amazonas, with its colorful dome of enameled pottery, and bathhouses such as Ponta Negra and Praia da Lua.

The famous Water Encounter, a phenomenon resulting from the confluence between the waters of the Negro River (black) and the river Solimões (muddy), is also one of the main attractions of the city.

100 km from Manaus, near the municipality of Novo Airão, is one of the largest fluvial archipelagos in the world: Anavilhanas, where 400 islands form one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of the Amazon.

In Parintins, 325 km from the capital, every year, in June, the traditional bumbá bull festival, which moves the state a lot.

Pico da Neblina, the highest point in Brazil, is also in the Amazonian territory.