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A tour on the Amazonian cuisine

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Amazonian cuisine

“Whoever eats jaraqui, never leaves here,” says the popular Manauara saying. Fish quite popular among the residents of Manaus, capital of the state of Amazonas, the jaraqui is cheap, easy to find and very tasty after fried. If served with uarini flour and vinaigrette, better still!

The gastronomic richness of the Amazon region is everywhere. In Manaus, it is on the river beaches, with the various fish you enjoy taking a delicious – and very cold – beer; and in the streets of downtown, where street vendors sell exotic snacks and assorted juices, found only in the northern region of the country.

It is also in the squares, like the one of São Sebastião, with typical delicacies, as the açaí and the chestnut; in the regional cafes, responsible for the most abundant and diversified breakfast that you can enjoy the visit to the place; and on boat trips, which make you realize how much the local dishes have influence of the indigenous culture.

Anyway, in Amazonian cuisine, everything is so unique that you have the impression that you will never eat so much different in such a short time! So let’s go into the details because you must be getting your mouth watering just thinking of the delights that come along. Between one attraction and another, we show you.

Your day can start with an enhanced breakfast in one of the city’s traditional regional cafes. In them you can enjoy tapiocas (crepe made of cassava flour) stuffed with cheese and ham or just with butter; assorted juices, such as cupuaçu; diversified fruits such as cooked peach palm; and the most famous sanduba in the region: the x-caboquinho, made with French bread, cheese curd, fried banana and tucumã, which is a fruit of fibrous pulp originating from an Amazonian palm.

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