Amazon: A perfect destination for children school holidays

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Amazon: A perfect destination for children

A land full of adventures, surrounded by legends, nature full of colors and sounds. All this and more make the Amazon: A perfect destination for children.

Knowing different regions and cultures are essential for the learning of any person, child or adult. Contact with an ecosystem as rich and unique as that of the Amazon instigates the curiosity of the little ones about the environment and its preservation.

Holidays in the Amazon, a lifetime experience

Without shopping malls and without video games, the Amazon strips the eyes of children from the screens of their smartphones and tablets to interact and participate in activities in the midst of nature. Boating, walking in the forest, swimming in the river, experiencing new flavors typical of the region such as local fruits, meeting riverside communities and, of course, being close to several animals and learning about their habits are certain sensations and experiences very different from the routine of big cities.

From very young children to teenagers, the experience and walks in the middle of the Amazon provide a great development. The vocabulary gains new words, the ears find new sounds and the eyes enchant by new colors and landscapes.

Amazon: A perfect destination for children

Of course, some care is essential. During transfers, the use of lifejackets is mandatory. Some jungle hotels have walkways that are several feet above the level of the rivers. The Juma catwalks, for example, are quite safe and protected, but if it is a small child it is ideal that it is accompanied. During the tours, listening attentive to the guides and their guidelines will make the whole experience very fun and peaceful.