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Amazon: at night the adventure continues

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The Amazon is a full plate for tourists who like to venture out into nature. There are several tours and activities offered, so much so that it is possible to stay in the forest at the Juma Amazon Lodge for 5 nights and still have activities every day. However, it is not just the sun that the charms of this tropical forest live on, at night the adventure continues.

Before we continue with the post about the nightlife of the Amazon, we ask for permission to inform you that there is a moment of the day that is essential for you to enjoy, contemplate and photograph: the sunset.

sunset, night life

Night falls fast in the Amazon and if you stay for just 1 night we guarantee that you will not want to miss this show!

How to enjoy the Amazon at night:

Alligator Focus

Definitely one of the night tours that is a must for anyone visiting the Amazon for the first time. During the night, guests, accompanied by their guides, go on a boat trip. This is a special time to appreciate and identify the sounds of the forest. The guide directs the flashlight to the banks of the river in search of an alligator that is paralyzed when his eyes meet the beam of light from the flashlight. His eyes are red and bright enough, which makes it easier for the guide to find his position. The guide then captures the alligator and places it on board the boat so that tourists can observe and learn more about the reptile. Then, the animal is returned to the river unharmed.


alligator, nature

neg nelson garrido fevereiro 2014 – brasil, MANAUS – hotel de selva na amazonia – juma amazon lodge – actividade de visualizacao de jacares durante a noite – selva floresta amazonica , rio juma – ano grande brasil / publico

Hear stories

In the case of Juma Amazon Lodge, the guides are native speakers. After dinner, the guides take the time to tell a little more about their lives and also about the habits and legends of the riverside communities.

Night Walk

We can say: walking through the forest at night is a very different experience from walking through it during the day. The lack of light adds an air of suspense and mystery in the forest, in addition to making it more dense and with a primitive air. At night is also the time when animals make the most sounds. It is quite an experience to be able to compare the forest during the day with the forest at night, and of course, another story of great adventure to remember.


Sleeping in the forest

However, if just walking through the forest at night is little adrenaline for you, it is also possible to exchange the comfort of the hotel bed for the hammock and spend the night amid the sounds of the Amazon.

Day or night, the Amazon is sure to delight you!