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Amazon: How to prepare your bag?

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Amazon: How to prepare your bag

To make your trip and experience in the Amazon even better, it is recommended that your suitcase contain some items and pieces of clothing that can make your experience more enjoyable.

Amazon: How to prepare your bag?


Clothing Tips

Light clothes are the most appropriate. Instead of jeans, you can wear tactical pants or leggings. Special clothing for adventure and ecotourism are also indicated as they are made of lightweight yet resistant fabrics and quick drying.

The pants are indicated for the trails where the forest is more closed because it avoids insect bites and possible superficial cuts caused by the vegetation. Long sleeve t-shirts are also a great option to protect yourself from the sun. There are excellent choices with specific fabrics for physical activities that allow the body to breathe.

Cotton shorts and T-shirts, or other sweat-absorbing material, are key pieces in your suitcase. Bermuda-style cargo, with pockets on the sides, are great for you to carry your belongings more comfortably.

In fact, comfort is the word of law! Therefore, the shoes should be quite comfortable, but well attached to the foot. Hiking shoes and climbing boots are good options as it is vital that the sole is not slippery. Do not forget your pair of slippers for your comfort while you are at the hotel and when you enjoy your river bath.

Bathing suits are also part of a complete experience in the Amazon.

Accessory Tips

Hats or caps are key items as well as the use of sunscreen. Protecting yourself from the sun is essential so you can make the most of all the rides and activities. Lantern and sunglasses are welcome as well as the repellent.

Bring cash, in kind, is also a cool tip for anyone who wants to take a caipirinha in the reception bar and buy handicraft products made by the riverside communities. And, of course, take the camera! These are special moments that deserve remembrance.

Thank you all for reading, those are the Amazon: How to prepare your bag? tips. If you are ready, you can book your discount flight at