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Amazonas reaches 1,206 cases of coronavirus

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covid-19, coronavirus, deaths

The number of deaths caused by the new coronavirus in Amazonas rose to 62, according to a bulletin released on Sunday (12) by the State Government. The number of infected patients increased significantly in 24 hours and reached a total of 1,206 confirmed.

According to the Health Surveillance Foundation (FVS-AM), among the deaths that were still investigated, nine were confirmed having COVID-19. Among them are two indigenous people from the municipalities of São Paulo de Olivença and Tabatinga and a doctor from Manaus.

covid-19, coronavirus, deaths


Nine more deaths by COVID-19 were confirmed by the FVS, totaling 62 deaths in Amazonas. Of the newly confirmed total, six were from Manaus patients. One death was in the municipality of Parintins, an 85-year-old woman who had hypertension and heart disease and died on April 6.

Two other inland patients also had COVID-19 confirmed. A 44-year-old indigenous Kokama, who had no report of comorbidity, came from São Paulo de Olivença to Manaus, where he received assistance but could not resist and died on April 9.

Another indigenous man with a confirmed diagnosis, 78 years old and with a history of hypertension and heart disease, received assistance but also did not resist and died on Saturday (11).

In Manaus, the confirmed deaths were: of a 64-year-old man, who was a doctor, had no history of comorbidities and was seen at a private health unit.

Four men, 47, 48 and 71 years old, who also had no history of comorbidities; an 83-year-old with no history of comorbidity and who was seen in the private network; and a 45-year-old man with a history of obesity and heart disease, who was also seen at a private unit.

Another eight deaths are under investigation by FVS-AM.


Of the total cases of COVID-19 in Amazonas, 1,053 are in Manaus and 153 in the interior of the state. The largest number of cases is in

Manacapuru: 87
Iranduba: 11
Itacoatiara: 11
Parintins: 11
Santo Antônio do Içá: 7
São Paulo de Olivenza: 5
Tabatinga: 4
Anori: 3
Tonantins: 2
Careiro da Várzea: 2
Presidente Figueiredo: 2
Boca do Acre: 1
Brown Careiro: 1
Manicore: 1
New Airão: 1
Tefé: 1

Isolation and hospitalization

Currently, there are 813 people with a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 who are recovering in social isolation, representing 67.41% of the total.

Among the positive cases of the new coronavirus, 193 are hospitalized, with 111 in clinical beds and 82 in Intensive Care Units (ICU) – 45 in the public network and 37 in the private.

There are also another 406 suspected hospitalized patients who are awaiting confirmation of the diagnosis. Of these, 351 are in clinical beds (100 in the private network and 251 in the public network); and 55 are in the ICU (30 in the private network and 25 in the public network).

The number of recovered patients who are out of the virus transmission period has risen to 138.