Best time to visit the Amazon

Best time to visit the Amazon, Manaus and surroundings

Throughout the year the Amazon landscape changes considerably, due mainly to the influence of rivers and water level, basically varying between two fixed seasons – extreme summer and extreme winter – in that first the rains usually give more truce, while in the second season, the rains constant humidity leaves the humidity of the air with high indexes, allowing a more pleasant climate while the level of the rivers rise gradually.

Both periods present surprising landscapes, however, they have their own characteristics, being basically, from February to May, the rainy season, where the animals are even more active, besides the small arms of rivers and canals are also accessible by canoe.

Between June and September, the rains have ceased, but the rivers reach their maximum height before the flow due to the rains. At that time it is possible to navigate in canoes and small boats at the height of the canopy, since the flood level reaches great heights and practically fills the arms of rivers and streams. This is also the time when most animals reproduce.

From October to November is the period of low of the rivers, this is the period of the lowest level of the waters, where also arise numerous beaches of white sands and fresh water, in different points of the forest. By the constant oscillation of the level of these rivers, much of the riverside dwellings are in floating houses, that accompany the height of the river according to these variations.

And finally, from December to February when rainy seasons begin again, river levels gradually rise, flooding again part of the forest and covering the sandbanks and some freshwater beaches, after the height of summer, again begins the period of reproduction of some species.