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Biopark: free entry for women on March Sundays

By March 11, 2020 No Comments
biopark, nature, parks

biopark, nature, parks

On five Sundays in March, the Amazon Biopark, located on JK Road, in the South Zone of Macapá, offers free admission for female visitors. The initiative is already valid from the 8th, which is International Women’s Day.

The space administration highlights that this is a tribute to this audience. To access the benefit, it is necessary to go to the ticket office and redeem the free bracelet. It is only valid for the Sunday when it is withdrawn.

The Biopark is open almost every day from 9 am to 5 pm; the space does not open to the outside public on Monday.

biopark, nature, parks

The free entrance traditionally granted on Tuesdays to all audiences is still valid. From Wednesday to Sunday, the visitation fee of Bioparque is R $ 10, but there is also a discount for some audiences:

  • seniors over 60 – free admission;
  • children under 5 – free admission;
  • people with disabilities – free admission;
  • teachers from the municipal, state and private public schools – half price (R $ 5);
  • students – half price (R $ 5);
  • children from 6 to 12 years old – half price (R $ 5);
  • companions of people with disabilities – half price (R $ 5);
  • registered in CadÚnico – half price (R $ 5);
  • regular blood donors – half price (R $ 5);
  • carriers of cancer and degenerative diseases – half price (R $ 5);
  • people with autism spectrum disorder – half price (R $ 5).

Among the attractions of the Bioparque are the meliponário, which gathers 150 thousand ‘stingless’ bees and shows how honey is produced; the zip line that makes a ‘flyby’ over biomes in the Amazon; and the most recent resident, “Fera”, a 5-year-old jaguar, which is still in the period of adaptation to the space.


6 ecological trails are offered in terrestrial and aquatic versions for hiking, cycling and canoeing, with the help of monitors. The trails are:

  • Park Guard: 4 kilometers, land (the use of bicycles is allowed);
  • Hangover: 700 meters, land;
  • Sacaca: 700 meters, land;
  • Tacacá Hangover: 2.6 km, aquatic;
  • Jaguar: 330 meters, land;
  • Brazilwood: 330 meters, land;

In addition, there are also other spaces such as:

  • Patios of Jaguar, Birds, Monkeys, Tapir and Turtles;
  • Zipline;
  • Tree climbing;
  • Ecotone: visualization of the encounter between ecosystems formed by terra firma, cerrado and flooded fields (areas of surf);
  • Sensory Garden: accessible space for the mobility of people with physical disabilities and reduced mobility, with a kilometer in length, tactile surface fixed to the floor and ropes to guide visually impaired people;
  • Orchid Memorial of Teresa Leite Chaves: the orchid house houses 242 native species of orchids and 74 of bromeliads;
  • Meliponiculture: place for breeding stingless bees, accessed through a trail;
  • Tree House: built 3 meters above the ground, the space can be used by children, with a capacity of up to 15 people;
  • Hammock Spots;
  • Picnic area;
  • Slack park;
  • Theater and playground;
  • Amazonian Garden: with waterfall and Water Well;
  • Poets’ Garden + Trapiche.