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Boat trip: discover the amazing Amazon

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On September 5, Amazon Day is celebrated. The celebration is due to the forest being the largest nature reserve on the planet. Its territory covers nine countries, most of which are on Brazilian soil. To get to the place the starting point is through the city of Manaus, in the state of Amazonas. How about a boat trip there?

Where to start

oat, trip, amazon, discover

One of the attractions of the Amazon is the boat trip that leads to the meeting of the famous Negro and Solimões rivers. The courses of the rivers run side by side, for more than six kilometers (together) without the waters mixing. One is brown in color, because of the clay, and the other is very dark in color.

During the boat trip, a tip is to venture into the forest, sailing with canoes through the so-called igarapés (of flooded forests). Or, yet, get to know the indigenous villages. In this scenario, you will be able to see species of birds and plants.

What else can I do?

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During the boat trip (to see the rivers) it is possible to observe the dolphins that inhabit the Amazon region.

This tour is offered by some tourism agencies in Manaus. So, it is essential to book the tours in advance, so as not to miss the trip.

In addition, some guides offer tours to an indigenous handicraft center, where the walk begins in the Amazon Forest. In this visit, the tourist has a lot of contact with the riverside populations of the forests and the Indians of the region.

Another highly requested tour is to visit the Janauar Ecological Park, a reserve where there are several water lilies, great for those looking for great clicks, and to observe different reptile species.

Do I have to get vaccines?

Whenever traveling to the north of Brazil, it is recommended to have a yellow fever vaccine. However, it is not mandatory. In addition, it is important to remember to get the tetanus vaccine.

Attention: it is also cautious to carry a “first aid kit” in case of any mishap.

In the middle of the lungs of the planet, the Amazon, it is good not to have the different remedies available in pharmacies, so have your hands on your “little drug”.

Best time to go

We can say that the Amazon region can be divided into two seasons:

December to May: the rainy season, when boats can navigate longer stretches. Also at this time, it is easier to get around to do canoe trips through the igapós (known as flooded forests).
July to November: dry season, good for enjoying the beaches, called fluvial, which disappears when the river is dense and full (during the rainy season).

Boat trip:

If you want to venture out and get to know the entire Amazon region, we recommend a boat trip between the cities of Belém, the capital of Pará, to Manaus (AM). The journey lasts five days and you can reserve picturesque landscapes.

The reverse route, called Manaus-Belém, by the river, is covered in four days.

Useful tips:

Amazonas Waterway Station | Tel .: (92) 3088-5764.

For more information visit the Manaus City Hall website.