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Fishing in the Amazon: Barcelos city

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fishing in the amazon

Situated on the right bank of the Negro River, Barcelos is in the State of Amazonas, 396 km from Manaus. The city is home to the Jaú National Park, as well as the Serra do Aracá State Park and the Mariuá Archipelago, the largest river archipelago in the world, with more than 700 islands.

The municipality is the largest exporter of ornamental fish in Brazil, with an estimated 20 million specimens per year, destined for countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Fishing in the Amazon

Every year, in January, the Ornamental Fish Festival takes place, considered the biggest cultural attraction in the city. The party usually attracts thousands of visitors and presents a program of sport fishing, ecotourism and shows. The natural beauties of the region and the enormous variety of fish attract to the Amazon an increasing number of visitors that have the fishery as the main objective.

There are tour operators specializing in organizing specific tours for fishing, but it is important to remember that predatory fishing is prohibited (use of explosive instruments, poisonous herbs or toxic chemicals of any kind), and fishing is restricted between the months of December and February – period of the Piracema, which is when spawning occurs.

The region has the highest concentration of tucunaré fish in the Amazon. Voracious, the Tucunare can weigh up to 12 kilos and usually swim on the surface. Another species is the Golden, which has no scales and belongs to the family of large catfish. It measures up to 1,5m and weighs 50kg. Tambaqui is another fish that can also be found in the place during the flood season.

How to get in Barcelos?

Airplane / airport
Barcelos has an airport for small airplanes, which can be chartered in Manaus. Manaus airport has scheduled flights to Barcelos.

Boat / Ferry

Leaving the Port of Manaus you can go to Barcelos on trips that can last from 12 to 36 hours depending on the boat. The trip passes through the Anavilhanas Archipelago and then through the Mariuá Archipelago, on the Negro River. See contacts of some companies that provide the service.

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