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Get to know Iquitos and the incredible attractions of the Peruvian Amazon

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Peruvian Amazon

Get to know Iquitos and the incredible attractions of the Peruvian Amazon

Peruvian Amazon

It is difficult to know the magnitude of the Amazon, but know that it occupies 7 million km² of the map, of which 5 million are reserved exclusively for the majestic tropical forest. After Brazil, it is the Peruvian Amazon that holds the second largest part of the jungle, spreading over 60% of the country’s territory, occupying the eastern Andean mountains, taking cities such as Iquitos, Nauta, Rioja and Puerto Maldonado.

There are numerous beauties of the privileged region, passing through extensive rivers, gigantic waterfalls, archaeological sites, dense forests, thermal waters, microclimates and diverse species of flora and fauna, such as the Andean bear and the Gallo-da-Serra. But now comes the shock of reality. All this follows the same situation of our country: constantly threatened by extinction, the Amazon of Peru loses the equivalent of more than 110 thousand football fields with deforestation.

In 2017, the number of hectares lost to agriculture, drug trafficking, illegal logging and clandestine mining reached 143,000 hectares or 200,000 football fields. To make the scenario even more chaotic, in December 8,000 barrels of oil from the forest were leaked, causing one of the region’s worst environmental catastrophes. Sadness is bush. The cry is free.

For travelers who want to take advantage of what is still left, it is important to remember the existence of several areas of visitation, causing certain disorientation when choosing. The main entrance doors in the magical world of the Peruvian Amazon are: Iquitos, Manu and Tambopata. It is impossible to visit and enjoy more than one option in short time travel, so reserve at least five days to enjoy the natural wonders and keep in mind what you want to do, what experiences you want to have, before leaving for the embrace.

Iquitos is the capital of Loreto, in the north of the country, the only great city on the planet where it is not possible to access by road, only by river or air. It is also where the most extensive river in the world passes, the Amazon, which brings visitors the advantage of traveling through it. In the surroundings live the riverside population and indigenous towns, that obtain their sustenance from the fishing, the craft and the tourism. It is a good opportunity to get acquainted with popular traditions and local mysticism.

The reserves

Among its exotic natural beauties is the National Reserve Allpahuayo Mishana, about three hours from Iquitos, has great scientific and biological appeal due to its ecosystems. Its 58 thousand hectares preserves the highest concentration of white sand forests known in the Peruvian Amazon, whose main characteristic is the varieties of endemic species, especially the primates Parauaçu and Titi lucífer, as well as unique birds,  found only in this environment, as is the case of the anambé-pompadora.

There are also the black waters of the Nanay River. From its port, where many boats leave, one reaches the ethnic and peasant communities such as Boras de San Andrés, Padre Cocha and Manacamiri, who receive the tourists to give samples of their peculiarities and customs.