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Basic knowledge you should have before traveling to the Amazon

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Basic knowledge you should have before traveling to the Amazon

A small guide for you to start planning your next trip to the Brazilian Amazon! After reading the questions and answers below, you will be confident that arranging a trip to the Amazon rainforest is much simpler than you might think.

Basic knowledge you should have before traveling to the Amazon

How to book my hotel?

The phones and emails work very well and you can use these ways to contact the hotel, ask questions and book your accommodation. Of course you can also use the hotel’s own website or other travel websites that make reservations online. Or you can Search and Book right now

How to prepare my suitcase?

Some quick tips you should note so you do not forget: take a hat to protect yourself from the sun, as well as sunglasses and sunscreen. Light clothing, pants and a comfortable pair of boots or sneakers for hiking in the middle of the forest.

Are there mosquitoes?

That depends! There are regions in the Amazon that have a higher concentration of mosquitoes than in others. This happens because of the acidity level of the rivers’ water. The higher the acidity, the harder it is for mosquitoes to reproduce. If you choose another location, such as near the Solimões River, we recommend you look for a stronger repellent.

Is it necessary to take a vaccine?

It is not mandatory, mainly because the Juma region has few insects. But it does not hurt to be warned, right? It is recommended that you take the yellow fever vaccine at least 10 days before the trip. The vaccine is valid for 10 years.

How is my transportation from Manaus done?

When you book your lodging in a jungle hotel, you will be informed of the time that your flight will arrive in Manaus or what time you would like to be picked up from your hotel in Manaus. The transportation is done in vans and boats.

Can I take the kids?

Not only can as it should! The trip to the Amazon is a great request to take the kids and the whole family.

What is the difference between hotels? How to choose the right option for me?

There are hotels that are like resorts and there are hotels that focus on the guest experience and their immersion in the Amazon rainforest. If you are looking to experience this experience in the Amazon in a real, deep, safe and sustainable way and still count on comfort in your bungalow, lodges are the perfect choice for you.

What about the food? Do I need to worry about my meals?

We believe this is not something to worry about! Of course, you need to take care if you are allergic to some food, but you can always talk to the kitchen staff or make a request before your stay. Usually, they serve typical Amazonian foods such as fresh fish and fresh fruit. Rice, beans and other traditional dishes are also served

Thank you all for reading, those are the Basic knowledge you should have before traveling to the Amazon. If you are ready, you can book your discount flight at