Hotels in the Amazon

The best way to get to know a new place is getting involved in it. Sleep and wake up in the hotels in the Amazon forest, to the sounds of nature, eat fresh fish and fruits harvested from the forest, go for day and night walks by the river or in the middle of the woods in search of amazing plants and wildlife.

All this can be done with the safety of experienced guides and peaceful sleep in comfortable accommodations! There are hotel options with all the facilities of a resort and other rustic ones that focus on the immersion experience in the middle of the forest.

Pool hotels in the Amazon forest:

1. Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge:

Located in the Brazilian Amazon, Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge has the best rooms among the jungle. From the bed, the guest can see the woods – some walls are made of glass. From the top of the hotel, the view crosses the archipelago of Anavilhanas. And the pool almost ends into the Rio Negro river!

There are tours to the Madada Cave and also a boat tour through the gigantic Anavilhanas archipelago included in the daily rate. It has convenience stores and handcrafts, and the internet reaches the apartments. The beds are covered with good trousseau and feather pillow, and all the showers are well pressured.

anavilhanas travel lodge

2. Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge

There are four natural pools and a private beach at the disposal of Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge. It is the closest to Manaus – Brazil and maintains one of the largest jungle structures of the hotels in the Amazon.

The rooms are between the trees with lighted walkways leading to the restaurant or pier. Among the activities is the walk to the “Monkey Forest”, a reserve where animals found in irregular situation readapt to the forest. Twice a day, guests can join the feeding of monkeys, macaws, and other animals.

ecopark jungle


3. SPECIAL: the Delphin, luxury cruises in the Peruvian Amazon river:

The Delphin offers guests exclusives accommodations while navigating into the Amazon rivers and forests. Pink river dolphins, macaws, three-toed sloths, caimans and many more Amazonian species frequently make an appearance during an Amazon river cruise.

The trip of a lifetime. Breathtaking sceneries, luxuriant forests, natural life at its finest, and the endless expanses of the river come together with a stop in the Al Frio y Al Fuego restaurant, that has a floating exclusive pool in the center of the tables (featured picture in the post).

delphin amazon

Now that you know some of the best hotels in the Amazon, it’s time to book your flights and choose your hotel. Click on the links to enjoy exclusive discounts on flights and hotels to South America.