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Seringal Vila Paraíso Museum: the golden age of rubber in Brazil

By May 30, 2019 No Comments
Seringal Vila Paraíso

The Voadeira is a small motorized boat that takes locals and tourists to places accessible only by waterway. It is the one that takes visitors from Manaus to the Seringal Vila Paraiso Museum, a place that presents the way of life in the rubber plantations during the golden era of rubber.

A period of great importance in the history of Brazil, the Rubber Cycle is related to the extraction of latex (rubber raw material) and was a phase of great prosperity, experienced in the early twentieth century.

Taking advantage of a set of filming, the Museum reproduces a seringal of the time, with utensils, furniture and constructions made for the scene of fiction, as the houses of the seringalists, the flour house, the barracks of aviamentos, the place of and the chapel. The trees are true and still produce the whitish secretion.

The tour to the Seringal Vila Paraíso Museum can also include a visit to the Moon Beach, where you can cool off in the waters of the Rio Negro and eat a fried fish.

How to get to Seringal Vila Paraíso?

You can take a bus to the Tropical Hotel and walk or go by taxi to Marina da David, from where boats and speedboats leave at all times. The Museum is only accessible by waterway.