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Three famous Amazon folklore characters

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The Brazilian Amazon is, without a doubt, a region that deserves prominence in our country. Rich in natural resources, this forest has, in its various aspects, dimensions that are distinguished by the grandeur on our planet, which attracted economic eyes through investments, threatening its biodiversity. Some characters from their folklore, if they existed (why not?) were probably profoundly knowledgeable of all this natural magnitude.

1. Curupira – Amazonian stature

A typical character of the Brazilian and Amazon forests, it is characterized by the hair of fire and feet in reverse. Considered by many to be a protector of forests and animals, Curupira has possibly been through the immensity of the largest equatorial forest in the world, which occupies more than 40% of the Brazilian territory and is present in nine countries. He experienced the dense forest of large foliage, very green and very damp, and climbing trees equivalent to buildings of nearly twenty floors.

2. India Naiá (Victoria Regia) – Biodiversity

This legend was the Indian explanation of how this plant was born. It was said that in the very distant past, the moon appeared to “date” the most beautiful Indians by the lake. They were so beautiful that the star “stole them for himself.”

On a moonlit night, Naiá saw the moon approaching, threw herself into the water and disappeared. Impressed by what happened, the moon decided to turn it into an aquatic plant: the Royal Victoria. Naiá, besides being a symbol of the most biodiverse forest in the world, can see everything very closely. Thousands of different plant species are in the Amazon, whose forest represents a biogenetic bank for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.

3. Pink Dolphin – Amazon River

Famous for its gallantry, the pink dolphin becomes, on the nights of the June festivities, a beautiful and very seductive young boy. He wears white hat and clothes and chooses the most beautiful women at parties. With his captivating way, he can convince his companions to a walk in the Amazon rivers, where he takes them to the bottom of the sea, getting them pregnant.

The dolphin was a living witness of the largest river basin in the world. It swam by the second largest river on the planet – the Amazon River loses only to the Nile River, but the difference is small – and at the same time the most rushing river (the one with the largest volume of water) in the world. The Amazon River is also responsible for 12% of the waters that flow from rivers to the sea on Earth.