White-tailed Hummingbird lives in the Amazon

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With a length of 12 centimeters, the male of the white-tailed hummingbird draws attention for its beauty and, of course, for the juggling it performs in flight when searching for food.

The blue feathers that predominate on the head and neck impress and are highlighted with the white feathers that appear on the belly and that also appear on the nape of the neck. The back is bright green.

The female of the species is totally different from the male. It has a greenish back, grayish feathers close to the eyes and head. The throat and chest appear to be slightly scaled with gray and white blends. Even though she is more discreet than the male, the female is also to be admired.

But it is clear that the partner’s costume steals the show at times. Whether perched on a branch or in flight it is impossible not to be enchanted by the beauty of this species that seems to be painted by hand.

The blue-tailed hummingbird is also known as the white hummingbird. Like other hummingbirds, the species feeds on nectar and small insects that can be captured even during flight.

This hummingbird lives in humid forests, secondary forests, tops and also edges. It can be aggressive to defend the territory or food source.

During the breeding period, the male shows off to the female on acrobatic flights and “fights” with other suitors. The nest is built in the shape of a shallow cup with plant material, such as cobwebs, mosses and lichens. In the hummingbird family, Trochilidae, the females are responsible for incubating the eggs and caring for the young.

In Brazil, the blue-tailed hummingbird is distributed throughout the north of the country and occurs throughout the Amazon. It is also found in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico.